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    Let me tell you how it all started    


That's the story of a young woman full of ambitions, passionate about textiles and fashion.

As a child, I often stood by my grandmother during her sewing work.

Looking for any scraps of fabric that I could collect and use to make clothes for my Barbies.

This passion has remained over the years, so much that I made it my job for 10 years, by being a fashion designer for several ready-to-wear brands.

But something was missing.

I wanted to create with my hands again, reconnect with my passions, make people happy, and most of all make me happy.

Finally, listening to myself !

to Jules

picture of baby Jules (my 1st godson) in black and white, with whom Marraine MTL adventure had started

& Sylian


His parents made me one of the most beautiful proofs of trust and love by asking me

to watch over him, be his confidante, his guardian angel, his godmother.

New partner in his life, I wanted to offer him the moon, give him the world as a gift.

And then, I finally aimed smaller, and decided that I was going to give him an awakening mat,

created especially for him, with love and by hand.

It made the click!

Since then, Marraine's family has not stopped growing,

and I am now the godmother of two charming little boys : Jules and Sylian!

As you can imagine, Sylian also got his personalized awakening mat..

Auntie Godmother couldn't resist !



So many new creations and new needs,

first for them, but now developed and designed

for your little ones

Like the support of a godmother,

each product of the shop will find a place

in every family to be side your children

in all stages of their life

And because we want the best for them,

Godmother makes all her products with care :

handmade, in small quantities, and proudly made here,

in a small "home workshop" on the south shore of Montreal


Each item is a real artisan's creation :

unique, like each of your children

I hope you'll enjoy Marraine's spirit as much as I do


Looking forward to showing you my creations !


 Then, a lovely baby came to brighten up my daily life.

How such small human beings can melt our hearts so much ?

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