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who is the designer ?

Hi, let me introduce myself,
I'm Julianne !

oh yes, it's just me
I manage alone all the design, production,

tracking and packaging orders, website and social networks,

and of course all the company's side management (administrative and accounting)

to make it short ! I'm doing a bit of everything..

Artist who love to touch on everything, passionate about textiles and art in all its forms, I like to create with my hands and let my creativity run wild.

I have been a fashion designer for almost 10 years  for several brands of

women's and men's ready-to-wear.

I launched my business in 2020 after a real revelation when

I became godmother for the first time.

Having as main goal the wish to offer a healthier future to your toddlers, focusing on ecology, handmade, local purchase and artisanal production, I am today, with Marraine, a young woman entrepreneur, happy and fully accomplished

picture of the designer of Marraine MTL

- Contact me -

Any question ? A special request?

Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer as soon as possible ...

Thank you !

Marraine will answer you as soon as possible...

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