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Repair of a musical teddy bear

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Sibylle contacted me to try to fix this little musical teddy bear:

the rope seems to be broken, it is no longer possible to pull the string..

Challenge accepted for Marraine !

DATE OF ENTRY : 11.08.2022

PATIENT ID : 00019-00129

WEIGHT : 7.76 oz - 220 gr

HEIGHT : 12¼" - 31 cm

+ + + + +


severe cord ankylosis

(total privation of mobility)

possible fracture of the musical box

After checking, it is indeed impossible to pull on the rope. Need to ppen it up and check where the problem is...

+ Procedures to follow :

  • abdominal laparotomy (cutting and opening the abdomen)

  • anterior cervical surgery

  • ablation and analysis of the music box (360° radiology)

+ Preliminary analysis results :

  • due to a repeated rubbing and almost a total mashing of the padding, a plug (occlusion) was formed in the opening hole through which the string goes and a knot jams the mobile part of the cord

  • visible sign of rust at the base of the neck

  • significant presence of rust on the mechanism as well, impossibility of activating and rotating the cylinder but the regulator seems to work

mécanisme d'une boîte à musique
mechanism of a musical box

A good cleaning is required !

I turn into a mechanician

to try to fix all this.

Small tools and WD40 release agent in hand,

I tackle the big cleaning by dismantling the entire musical mechanism piece by piece..