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Jules' playmat

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Hidden in an pocket, my very first signature as a godmother..

When Jules's parents asked me to be his godmother, I burst into tears (video as proof).

What a beautiful proof of trust and love ❤

I am not lucky enough to be a mother, but I imagine that it is a very difficult task to choose the right person to watch over your little one and be next to him in all his moments of life.

Coincidence or connection already established between him and me, he was born on a 24, just like me. And we are just 28 ½ years apart, crazy eh! His 1st celebration (his 6 months) fell on the same day as my birthday. You will understand of course that I wanted to mark the occasion with a [little] special gift : I was going to make him a custom-made play mat!

For me, this completely unique personalized playmat was like a symbol, a real gift that comes from me and in which I put all my heart (and many hours too I admit).

I wanted to create a playmat for him that would grow with his needs, which he could use to play, build cabins, and make little stories. A gift that he might keep his whole life, that he would share with his friends or future brothers and sisters.

"yes the playmat already had a bit of experience when I did my shooting"

I must admit that not everything went as planned.

The initial idea was to make a "transformable" playmat, where we could fold the edges like a play-park where baby could play and be safe, and use it as a toy bin to store all his little things.

But it didn't work .. the outline was too heavy. Be kind, this was my very first achievement, and it had been at least 10 years (if not more) since I had touched a sewing machine. The lessons and the practice were way behind me, but I have to say that the skills were still there. A bit like riding a bike !

"So it was suppos