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Why buying handmade ?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I often hear that buying handmade products is expensive and not very affordable.

However, if you think about it, it is well worth the cost and it is rather our consumption habits that make it expensive and not affordable !

Today I share with you some reasons to encourage local crafts and handmade ...

n°1 - It's UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC !

Yes, when you buy a handmade product, you are buying a completely unique product !

Even if it's not made in a single copy, the majority of handmade products are all precisely a little different because they are handmade and it is practically impossible to make the same product twice in the exact same way ! In other words, with artisanal products, you have the possibility of having an object that a million people do not already have.

Also, for me there is something magical in the act of creating, and the pieces that come out from the workshop are alive, they have a story. These are objects that we will take care to preserve and pass on one day. Because the handmade has a soul, behind each piece unique by nature, there is an artist who has given everything of himself/herself.

n°2 - Possibility to meet the creator in person

When you buy a handmade product, you can buy online or in a store, but also in markets or crafts' fairs, which offers the possibility of buying directly from the creator and by the same token, to meet him/her.

Meeting the creator of a product you buy is wonderful, isn't it? It wasn't some underpaid person who made my beautiful sweater halfway around the world. No ! It's a godmother, a woman or a man who is passionate about what he/she does, who can explain to you what your sweater is made of and why he/she does it this way !

Did you know that Marraine offers the possibility of picking up your order at the workshop ? With no charge..
A very easy way to save on delivery, and meet me in person, if you are near Montreal of course !

n°3 - Encouraging a real person

Buying handmade means realizing that behind each object, there is a person, hands, a heart... who are patiently working to create unique pieces. It's a bit of poetry in a world that only thinks of numbers.

Buying handmade is promoting artisanal knowleldge and savoir faire. You don't encourage a multinational that you don't even know the president . We buy a product from someone (we usually know their name) who often shares their story, their daily life, with you..

You know, a person who lives his/her passion ✨

n°4 - Personalization and made-on-demand

You can often request personalized items.

Most artisans offer the possibility of personalizing a product to offer something unique andat your image !

You can always contact me if you have a crazy project or something particular that you can't find on the market !
I will be more than happy to answer and offer you a solution - only for you and answering your need !

n°5 - Possibility to buy online

I don't know about you, but I hate going shopping for hours and trying to find THE rare pearl, THE perfect gift and finally come home with empty-hands ! The cool thing about handmade is that a lot of artisans are proposing online shopping and are now selling on Etsy, the Blue Basket, or on their own platform ! We can therefore shop, in the comfort of our living room or our bed, drinking our coffee (for me it's tea) and avoiding the endless lines and traffic on the road.

For me, it is really the happiness and the time to win!

n°6 - Making ethical purchases

We will never talk about it enough but our clothes, our jewelry, our cheap bags and shoes, are often made in Asia, Middle East or in underdeveloped countries, where the labor cost is cheap and where workers are most of the time underpaid. You can imagine, the multinational wants to be able to make a profit while selling a cheap product.

The bag / pair of earrings or the baby accessory that you buy from an artisan who made them with his/her own hands, may be more expensive, but at least you know they have been made in good working conditions and the craftsman/craftswoman received a living wage making this item you love so much.

Buying handmade is buying a piece from an artist : his/her passion put into the execution of the object, his/her hours of reflection, his/her dexterity, his/her courage ...

Buying handmade is a committed, ethical act that encourages a responsible, healthier and more direct economy.

n°7 - Encouraging the local economy

When you buy a product made by an artist, the sale is reported to government entities in the country where the item is purchased, and the money from that sale is reinvested in the economy.

This money can also be used to hire an employee to help the designer in his/her busy times (to create jobs !).

By buying a handmade product, we not only encourage the person from whom we buy the product, we also promote the economy and the knowledge of our country!

n°8 - For the QUALITY

A handmade product means hours of work (often not counting), trials and errors, frustrations, joys, discouragement, and sometimes the urge to drop everything !

But most of all, a handmade product is pure passion and love.

We craftsmen and craftswomen, work so hard, and often alone or in a small team, to offer a perfect product, using durable, quality materials and using the best possible techniques, so that you are not disappointed.

Handmade product is often a very high quality product.

Shop on internet, Etsy, artisan markets and local artisan shops !

Search new brands using keywords like "handmade", "craft", "made here", "made in - followed by the name of your city/region" ..

We very oftenly make exceptional finds 😁

I sincerely hope I convinced you to encourage the handmade and above all, to love it !

To love it as much as I love my job ️

❤ ❤ ❤


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